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The Project

The ICB2.0 ist the second mountainbike-frame developed by the Internet Bike Community. In cooperation with German brand Alutech-Cycles hundreds of users discussed and evolved the idea of a modern trailbike, perfectly fit for singletracks. Stefan Stark had the pleasure to design the wishes and demands of the community. The result is a versatile and longlasting bicycle, by riders for riders.

Obergeschoss 11


We are using big, long-lasting angular contact bearings made by SKF. A world’s first is the fact, that they are preloaded without putting extra stress on the frame structure, easing adjustment and increasing reliability.

ICB S Blau Hinterbau

The mountainbike by riders for riders.


The geometry of the ICB2.0: Short rear-end, rather long and really low main-frame to give you the opportunity to choose between two frame-sizes.

Seattube (frame size)400 mm435 mm470 mm 510 mm
Reach415 mm435 mm455 mm475 mm
Stack604 mm622 mm636 mm650 mm
Seattube angle (real)70.3°70,5°70,5°70,6°
Seattube angle (virtuell)74°74°74°74°
Toptube length(horizontal)588 mm613 mm 637 mm661 mm
Chainstay Length427,5 mm427,5 mm427,5 mm427,5 mm
Wheelbase1.141 mm1.169 mm1.196 mm1.221 mm
Headtube Length110 mm130 mm145 mm160 mm
Standover height730 mm 730 mm741 mm772 mm
Bottom Bracket Drop20 mm20 mm20 mm20 mm
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By riders, for riders.

Efficient single-pivot suspension

Technical Details

Travel (rear)130 mm
Travel (front)130-160 mm
Axle to crown Height545 mm +/- 15
Tire clearance75 mm (recommended: up to 63 mm)
Rear-ShockStandard 200 x 57 mm
Shock-Hardware- / 22.2 x 8
Bottom-BracketBSA 73 mm
Rear-axle12x142 mm (M12 metric)
Headset StandardZS 44/28.6 I ZS 56/40 Tapered
Seatpost31.6 mm
Weight2900 g (depending on framesize)


The ICB 2.0 can be ordered as a framekit or as one of two complete bikes. The “ErdGeschoss” version comes for 2999 € including Guide RS brakes, Pike/Monarch+ suspension, Reverb dropper, e13 cranks and a SRAM 1x drivetrain. The top-notch “OberGeschoss” includes e13 carbon cranks and wheels, Magura MT7 brakes, Fox Kashima suspension and more good stuff.

Order it here: ICB 2.0 at the Alutech-Shop

If you need help during ordering don’t hesitate to call the Alutech-Team at +49 4353-998155 (Mo – Fr: 8-13:00 and 14-17:00) or send an e-mail.

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“Wouldn’t it be awesome if we’d show our readers the bicycle-development process by having them develop a bike?” – that’s what editor Maxi Dickerhoff asked at a christmas celebration in 2011. Stefanus Stahl – as him a member of the team – started to work on the task, and what sounded crazy became reality soon after.


Stefan Stark had already asked our readers while developing the original Fanes enduro – in our Alutech supportforum – what are their wishes, their ideas? This showed he’d be a great match for our community-bike. So we got him on team, as well as Carver Bikes and product manager Sebastian Tegtmeier. We nannounced the topic, and it was an immediate success. Every step was disscussed online, and already at Eurobike 2012 the first prototype of the ICB01 – welded by Alutech-owner Jürgen Schlender – could be seen.

ICB 1 auf der Eurobike 2012

In summer 2013 the bike was ready for sale as a frame only and as a complete bike. Ever since Max Schumann, Carver-pro-racer, has been racing the bike around the globe in the Enduro World Series and mega-avalanche races.

ICB 2.0

2014 the team of the ICB01 met and decided to do it again. Sebastian is now working for Alutech, as is Stefan, so it made sense to have Alutech become the next industry partner. So we started of: ICB 2 – powered by Alutech.

The Timeline of the ICB2.0:

April 2014

Internet Community Bike 2.0 – next generation powered by Alutech Internet Community Bike 2.0

May 2014

Internet Community Bikes – Besucht uns beim BIKE Festival in Riva [Video] ICB2.0 – Es geht los: Definition des Konzepts ICB 2.0 powered by Alutech – Ideenwettbewerb Hinterbau-Kinematik

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June 2014

ICB 2.0 – Hausbesuch bei Gleitlager-Spezialist igus

Alutech ICB 2.0 – Jetzt über das Konzept entscheiden [Ergebnis online]

ICB 2.0 – Stichwahl zwischen den zwei besten Konzepten [Ergebnis online]

ICB 2.0 – Geometrie: Wie müssen sich Rahmengrößen unterscheiden? [Ergebnis online]

July 2014

ICB2.0 – Die Geometrie für Alutechs Trailbike, Teil 1: Der Charakter des Bikes [Ergebnis online]

ICB2.0 – Auf wie viel Federweg legen wir Alutechs Trailbike aus? [Update: Ergebnis online]

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ICB2.0 – Was darf das Communitybike kosten? Komplettbike oder Custom-Aufbau? [Abstimmung]

ICB2.0 – Wer kann am Trailbike auf einen Umwerfer verzichten? [Update: Ergebnis]

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August 2014

ICB2.0 – Wo wird gekleckert, wo geklotzt? [Update: Ergebnisse]

ICB 2.0 – Bremsaufnahme [Update: Ergebnisse] ICB 2.0 – Ideenwettbewerb: Zugführung

ICB2.0 – Alutech Design: Buckelwal, Hängebauchschwein und Bananenschwinge?

ICB 2.0 – Auf welchen Namen taufen wir unser Trailbike? Eurobike: Alutech ICB 2.0 Prototyp – Das Funktionsmuster ICB2.0 – Taufvorbereitung [Abstimmung Name]

September 2014

ICB2.0 – Was weiter mit dem Funktionsmuster geschah…

ICB2.0 – Entscheidung Rahmendesign [Ergebnis online!] ICB2.0 – 5 Tester für langes Wochenende in Finale Ligure gesucht

October 2014

ICB2.0: 8 Testbikes im User-Test in Finale Ligure ICB2.0: Test des Konzepts – Geht die Theorie in der Praxis auf? [ICB2.0] Hausbesuch: HSC Zerspanungstechnik – wo kommen schnell Prototypenteile her?

ICB2.0 Ausstattung: Stimmungsbarometer Fahrwerk [Ergebnis online]

Alutech ICB2.0 Ausstattung: Stimmungsbarometer Laufräder [Ergebnis online]

November 2014

ICB2.0 Stimmungsbarometer: Bremsen – Stark, leicht, gut dosierbar? [Ergebnis online] Internet Community Bike 2.0 – Abstimmung Kettenblattgröße [Ergebnis online]

Internet Community Bike 2.0 – Abstimmung Hinterbaubreite und Hinterachse

December 2014

Alutech ICB2.0 – Stimmungsbarometer Reifen: Leicht und schnell oder fett und griffig? [Ergebnis online] ICB2.0: Die dritte Dimension von Alutechs Trailbike [Design]

January 2015

ICB2.0: Computer-optimierte Formfindung durch IBC-User

February 2015

ICB2.0 – Entscheidung Rohrsatz [Konstruktion fast abgeschlossen] (Ergebnis online)

March 2015

Alutech ICB2.0: Vorstellung des zweiten Communitybikes ICB2.0 Design: Farben, Grafiken und Oberflächenbeschichtung gefragt

April 2015

ICB2.0 steel – Zusätzliche Stahl-Version von Portus Cycles ICB2.0 Design: Abstimmung – schlicht, geradlinig, fancy? [Ergebnis online]

May 2015

ICB2.0: Design-Entscheidung – jetzt live in 3D und Schwarz-Weiß [Ergebnis online]

August 2015

Presentation at Eurobike ’15 – Eurobike Award



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